Fundamental aspects of Fida G.’s quality have always been innovation and research at the raw material level, thanks to relationships of trust built up over time with the most important steel mills in the marketplace.

Time and again Fida G. has been acknowledged as one of the first companies to use the most innovative special steels.
Our partnerships with the steel mills is one of our strengths. We guarantee that the best special steels with high yield strength in relation to your production needs in terms of workability and chemical and mechanical characteristics, will always be made available to you.
Supply from the steel mills is direct, without mediation, ensuring that all raw materials are of constantly high quality.

The company has 7,000 tons of high-strength steel in stock.
Among the special high-strength steels available are high performance steels such as S1300QL with a very high elasticity limit, wear-resistant steels such as HB600 and ARMOX plates such as ARMOX 600.

The best and most
steels in Europe.

10,000 square meters of indoor warehouse guarantee quality and constant protection.

  • Structural steels: S235, S275, S355 in different qualities;
  • Thermomechanical steels with high yield strength: S700MC, S900MC, S960MC e S1100MC;
  • Plates with high yield strength: S690QL, S890QL, S960QL, S1100QL, S1300QL;
  • Wear-resistant steels: HB450, HB500 e HB600;
  • Armour plates: ARMOX 600;

All are in full accordance with European reference standard (EN 10025-1; EN10025-6; EN10149/1-2).

All material purchased, accompanied by an EN 10204-3.1 mill test certificate in accordance with standards, is subject to strict control on delivery.

The mill test certificates in digital format are kept for at least 10 years and can be consulted in our records at any time.