Fida G. has always focused on high quality manufacturing. The high quality of our semi-finished, special steel products translates into important economic benefits for you: production times are minimized, waste is reduced.

1. The advantage of high quality.

Fida G. ’s high quality is based, above all, on the excellence of the raw materials which we choose from a range of special steels with high yield strength, from the best steel mills in Europe.
Great expertise in these materials is necessary in order to do this and we have been specialized in their processing since the company was founded in 1991. Constantly perfect metal-working demands an in-depth knowledge of the behaviour of the material.

For example, in bending, one of our great strengths, the choice of top quality raw materials and our manufacturing expertise allow us to obtain extremely narrow tolerances, with important economic benefits for the customer (production times are reduced and processing made easier, with less waste of material, thanks to the optimum characteristics of the semi-finished product).
To this we add an advanced multilevel traceability, from raw materials to semi-finished products, which allows the possibility of tracing every single item.

1. The advantage of high quality.


2. Cutting-edge technology ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

2. Cutting-edge
ready for the challenges
of tomorrow.

Quality for us at Fida G. also means cutting-edge technology, always being ahead of your needs and helping you solve your industrialization problems in an increasingly simple and effective way.

Always focused on the future, Fida G. is a leader in innovation, thanks to our constant investment in machinery and plants with the most advanced technology available for the processing of special steels.
Our objective: to be ready for your most complex projects and be able to meet the challenges of the future.

Among the most innovative technologies provided:

  • a double headed laser with three-dimensional technology which allows bevelling directly
    in the machine;
  • a bending system unique for its force (3600 tons) and length (21 meters), ideal for all non-standard, bespoke manufacturing;
  • a welding robot that can also cut;
  • direct traceability on every single piece produced.

3. Your trusted partner:
a qualified European Service Center.

The top quality, innovation and specialization that distinguishes us, pushes us to enthusiastically address a Europe-wide market: Top Italian quality and advanced services designed for an international scenario.

Our goal is to provide you with an attentive and punctual high-profile service, tailor made to your specifications.
What does this mean? It means giving the maximum attention to all our customers by maintaining an open and active listening and consulting channel.
Fida G. is always by your side to solve any design or production problem with highly qualified technical support at every level.
Thanks to our profound knowledge of raw materials, we are able to offer you the best solution to every problem. Not only our design engineers, but also each of our collaborators and sales representatives, is trained to find you solutions based exclusively on solid know-how.

Fida G. at your service also means:

  • having close contact with the steelworks’ technical offices allows us to find the ideal material to suit your needs and avoid putting limits on your planning;
  • having the ability to produce very complex semi-finished products without problems of cutting, bending and bevelling;
  • having traceability of the steel used and of each item supplied, so as to be able to identify the characteristics of said items;
  • being able to make bespoke items to your specifications and procedures;
  • having an internal testing department.

For all your needs related to complex semi-finished products in special steels, Fida G. has the answer. All over Europe.

3. Your trusted partner:
a qualified
European Service Center.