Fida G. was founded in 1991, by the farsighted initiative of Giulio Fida, who had already been a manager in the emerging special steel industry for years. After a long collaboration in the family-owned business co-founded by his father Marzio in the early 1960s, Giulio Fida pursued his own vision and brought entrepreneurial success to a new, separate steel manufacturing company.

Behind Fida G., today led by Maurizio Fida, there are now more than 50 years of know-how and experience in the sector. The family leadership is currently in its third generation and is strongly oriented towards the future.
Within just a few years of 1991, Fida G. distinguished itself throughout Italy for the high quality of its workmanship and a production capacity nourished and expanded by constant technological innovations.
The reason? From the outset the company’s aim has been to create and maintain a quality supply chain. From raw materials, through complex processing, to a high customer profile.
Thus, in a just short time, we built ourselves a reputation that we have been committed to consolidating daily ever since.

Top quality and planned investments aimed at constant growth have always been our guiding stars.
Since 2000, our company headquarters have gradually expanded to cover an overall area of 25,000 square meters. Today 10,000 square meters of indoor space are available. It is a fundamental infrastructure, that apart from containing offices and production facilities, also houses a large covered warehouse for the storage of raw materials in special steel and semi-finished goods awaiting shipment.

and technological

The company is founded.

Introduction of laser cutting technology.

Certification of the ISO 9002 quality control system.

Acquisition of chamfering and bevelling robot.

The handing down of the company to the third generation.

Expansion of the headquarters, with offices to 10,000 square meters of indoor space and 10,000 square meters outdoors.

Plasma cutting technology with 3D torches.

Upgrading of the bending department’s capacity to a maximum length of 21 meters and a maximum force of 3600 tons.

ARMOX 600 armour plated steel bending.

Welding robot.

Laser cutting technology with 3D cutting heads.


At the same time we also equipped ourselves with a sandblasting plant for the treatment of sheet metal when it arrived from the steel mills. A treatment that removes rust formed during transport and protects the sheets from corrosion making them easily workable, a fundamental prerequisite for obtaining excellent results.

Continuous technological innovation, right up to the most recent, has resulted in today’s completely renovated, cutting edge machine shop, full of potential. We are, for example, one of the few companies in Europe equipped for extra-wide cutting and bending, with the possibility of cutting steel sheets of up to 4 x 24 meters and a new 21-meter long bending machine. In addition, we also have a new laser cutting system and new welding robot.

We offer you the best and most innovative special steels in Europe.
Another pillar of Un altro pilastro della qualità Fida G.’s quality has been our constant research and innovation in the field of raw materials. This has only been made possible thanks to a series of relationships of trust built up over time with the best steel mills in Europe.

A youthful company ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

With its spirit of confidence in the future and a strong incentive for innovation, Fida G. has the advantage of being a youthful company. Youthful both in its entrepreneurial spirit and in its staff, from Maurizio Fida, managing director, and Silvia Fida, human resources and marketing manager, to every one of our collaborators. The average age of the company team is in fact under 40 years old.

With a solid tradition behind us, we move into the future united by enthusiasm and a passion for quality and special steels: materials that need specialists.

Research into
raw materials.