Fida G. has always focused on the highest quality raw materials, business processes and workmanship.
Moreover all the steels used are in full accordance with European reference standards (EN 10025-1; EN10025-6; EN10149/1-2),and are accompanied by an EN 10204-3.1 mill test certificate in accordance to standards, and are subject to strict control on delivery.

With Fida G.
quality steel
is a certified fact.

All the certifications we have obtained guarantee the customer countless advantages:

  • the organizational processes, subjected to review, ensure clarity and completeness in the client-supplier relationship;
  • all the production processes from the receipt of the raw materials, through production to delivery, are monitored and subjected to strict controls to ensure the correct execution of the details and that the finished product complies to customer specifications;
  • during the production process all the details and parts, down to the very last item, are constantly checked to guarantee the identification and multilevel traceability of the product.

Furthermore, each of our collaborators also gets the maximum benefit and satisfaction from our clear and consistent production processes, performed at every step, in absolute safety.

Collaudo bracci telescopici