Sandblasting | Pre-processing | Fida G

PRE-PROCESSING SANDBLASTING PROTECTS THE SHEETS FROM CORROSION MAKING THEM EASILY WORKABLE The ideal protection for the impeccable working of special steels. The company has a sandblasting plant for the treatment of steel sheets of up to a maximum width of 3000 mm. The sandblasting of the sheets on arrival from [...]

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Laser cutting | Processing | Fida G

LASER CUTTING Perfect precision in the cutting of high yield strength steels. The cutting of special steels by laser offers many advantages and is the ideal solution to the most complex of problems. Maximum precision is guaranteed and the quality of the edges is always impeccable. Inside the factory two [...]

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Plasma cutting | Processing | Fida G

PLASMA CUTTING The cutting of special steels by plasma requires particular expertise, and Fida G.’s know-how fully guarantees the advantages of precision, efficiency and flexibility. The company has an advanced plasma cutting center: a new machine with a 3D head for bevelling. Precision, efficiency and flexibility. [...]

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Bending | Processing | Fida G

BENDING The bending of special steels is one of the strengths of Fida G. Our manufacturing expertise, together with the choice of top quality raw materials, are among the many advantages that allow us to secure extremely narrow tolerances, with important economic benefits for the customer (production times are reduced and processing [...]

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